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Client Name


Ego ___/100, goal is zero/100


Flower essence?


Cingulate strength ___/100, goal is 100/100. Emotion release? 


Hippocampus strength ___/100, goal is zero/100. Emotion release? 



Amydala strength ___/100, goal is zero/100. Emotion release? 


Emotional opposite? - 


Karmic debt?


Adverse reaction?


Chakra colors needed?


Present aura color?


Aura energetic body  ____ of  ____


 Earth-star chakra connected?


Crown stellar chakra connected?


Number of angels _______


Number of guides _______


Ascended masters _______


 Spiritual integrity ____ /1000



Back Chakra        Closed?      Organ

















Phil Ernst





Kundalini chakra position?


Chronic Fatigue Emotion?


Immune system needs?


PTSD present? ___/100, goal is zero/100


Third eye open? ___/100, goal is 100/100


Mitochondria efficiency? ___/100, goal is 100/100


 Illness reversal-healing?


Healing remedies?


 Past life issues?


Who is involved?


Multi-generational emotion?


Unresolved life issue?         


Negative emotion involved?


Subconsciously, what am I telling myself?


How to change my life?


Grounding stone or aura aligning crysal?



Subconscious yang diminish from_____ to _____%


Subconscious yin increase from ______  to _____%




Subconscious entangled emotions



   To complete the Spiritual Intuition Check-up, your spiritual guidance goes into meditation with me and tells me what needs to be listed. Not every item is answered by your guidance as they identify what they want accomplished at the time and what they know you can tolerate.

   Some clients need additional sessions when they are ready for more healing.

   The subconscious has two parts that can be adjusted for greater peace, humility, compassion, and intuition.

    World conquerors have a yang of 100, while peacemakers have a yang of zero. The world conquerors have a yin of zero and the peacemakers tend to have a yin of 100. 

    You have a choice of the subconscious to possess.

   The entangled emotions attached to an organ tend to block energy coming into the back of the 2nd through 6th chakras. This diminishes the energy needed to feed the chakras in the body causing wobbling, low functioning chakras that become mis-aligned easily.


The hippocampus and amygdala harbor fear while the cingulate focuses on trust and compassion. Freeing these brain areas offers more peace and less cortisol.

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