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The Spiritual Cleaning of houses, people, objects, past lives, multi-generational emotional issues, and far.

Spirits, human and otherwise, can be found in houses, cars, objects, and animals causing endless irritation and sometimes physical harm.

Clearing is straightforward by finding the spirit, discovering what healing it needs, and then assisting the spirit to another dimension to hold it harmless to anyone or anything else.


Spirits usually come from another dimension through a portal. Finding the source of the spirit intrusion into this dimension, such as a negative energy line, negative vortex, or a portal device is essential to stop the flow of other spirit entities. The guidance working with me has taught me how to spiritually clean them all.


Spirits seem to come in different intensities. They are graded on a one to ten scale, with ten being the stronger. A poltergeist, which is a powerful human spirit is about a three, a demon is about a five...there are so many more that don't need to be named but can be ranked and cocooned with energy and Light for removal and safe disposition.


Got a question? Send an email for a free consultation if you think you have a problem with a spirit! Please do not try to remove them yourself.

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     Thank you Phil, for finding that poltergeist that got into the dog, making her so irritable, and then playing tricks in the house.

     I was amazed at how you could identify the poltergeist by its name, pull it out of its hiding place before you, and then began to heal it.

    It seemed to age younger as the emotional baggage was released, looked calmer, and then got so quiet as you released the spirit's entangled emotions, cocooned it in energy and Light before sending it to the angels to cross over to the Light.

    Then you took the time to clean my aura, smooth it, and infuse the energy colors needed for balance and health.


Leslie M.

"I am restoring an old house that has been abandoned for many years and after experiencing several strange occurrences in the house as well as abnormal feelings of anxiety I sought out Phil's services. Phil identified a negative entity that was attached to me and did some energy work to repair a hole in my aura. Phil also made a visit to my old house and identified a negative ley line running through the house and a negative vortex that was allowing other entities into the house. Phil crossed over several entities and changed the negative vortex to a positive vortex. All of the strange occurrences in my house and my feelings of anxiety subsided after my sessions with Phil."

                                                                            Scott O.


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