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Q: Phil, how did you get started working with angels and guides?

A: The angels and guides are always with you. They come into this lifetime together with you, walk through the life at an arm's length distance, and walk out with you when your physical body dies. To work with them you need to acknowledge them and invite them into your life. Then find a way to communicate with them.


Q: How did you learn to communicate with them?

A: I found the easiest way to start was with a crystal pendant or L-rod copper dowser, asking yes or no questions. Then as I began to recognize their electromagnetic frequency, we began to communicate with impressions...what some might call telepathically.


Q: How do you start with healing?

A: The easiest way is with plants and animals. They are less judgmental and appreciate having a human compassionately offer assistance.


Q: What spiritual guidance is available?

A:I have experience with Allah, Angels, Ascended Persons, Baal, Creator, Goddess, Guides, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Shiva, Universal Light, Universal Truth, Yahweh, and other intelligent, energetic beings of the Light that are so ancient, their names are unpronounceable for me.


Q: Do you favor one over the others?

A: I prefer to use the beings of the highest Light. They all have spiritual guidance and insights.


Q: What about conflicts between faiths?

A: It is not my intention to offend anyone from other faiths, nor do I presume that other approaches to the spiritual world are not helpful. This information is presented from my perspective, not in judgment of other faiths, but simply because this is the faith, working with all beings of the Light that  I experience  in this path. 


Q: Don't they fight each other?

A: No, the beings of the hightest Light all teach compassion. The humans are the ones that draw lines in the sand and create chaos or drama in the name of a being of the highest LIght. They want to evolve into a higher consciousness just as we do.


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