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 "Since I have been working with Phil I have re-awakened to my true self. He has helped me better understand my own healing abilities and opened me to greater awareness like I have never felt before. He has also helped me to spiritually connect on a much deeper level with my Crystal child. What this has done for us, myself and my daughter, is given us more peace in our lives with much less anxiety."

Tammy S.


We give spiritual life names for our use.


   Cultures tend to give names to the things that go bump in the night. That lingustic limitation can cause friction as different faiths and spiritual views take offense at a word, unintended to offend, and only meant to describe an observed sensation.

   Where there is energy one finds awareness, from vague responses to highly intelligent energetic beings of infinite age. All are responsive to the inquisitive human being.

  So please forgive me when I talk about angels, guides, ascended persons, or others of the highest Light, these are my words for the spiritual assistants that work with me to heal others of many faiths, countries, languages, and philosophies.

paranormal, haunted, ghosts, fear, demon, anxiety,, guides, angels, cords, clearing, demons, clean, possessed,
paranormal, haunted, ghosts, fear, demon, anxiety,, guides, angels, cords, clearing, demons, clean, possessed,
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NOW ON AMAZON.COM...CLEANSE, HEAL, & DEFEND: HOW TO BE A SPIRITUAL CLEANER. A spiritual self-help ebook to clean haunted houses, exorcise demons, become an animal whisperer, learn to use dowsers, and cleanse an aura.  The ebook is the intuitive culmination of 8 years of study, training, and teaching others how to energetically sense, protect, and care for their aura.

  Understanding spirits within and around you.

  Learning about the spirits within and around you, opens the spiritual world to introspection by the awakened observer. Discovering the spiritual beings and energies that interact beneficially and detrimentally, allows the individual the opportunity to interact with the spiritual life around them to heal themselves, plants, animals, and others.

The Subconscious....

Protection or Stranglehold?  Spiritual guidance noted the subconscious is actually two parts, an aggressive, dominant, emotion entangling segment that creates blockages in an attempt to prevent the person from being traumatized, somewhat like the creation of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).    

     The blockages can interefere with relationships and in some cases contribute to the person becoming ill. 

       Diminishing the aggressive segment allows the more spiritual-based part of the subconscious to exert compassion, peace, and increased integrity.




  Phil, thank you for working with me to decrease the old energy  of the subconscious and allowing the spiritual side to flourish! I feel so much lighter with greater intuition, insight, and my third eye seems to be opening more every day. The doubt and disbelief that seemed to appear in every turn has disappeared allowing me greater confidence in my goals.


Jean R.




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  Relationship spiritual cleaning seems to be a prominent segment of this healing work as difficult contact with another can leave cords attached to the heart, toes, and lower abdomen. The irritating reminders of the relationship can be diminished by thorough spiritual cleaning.


        Sometimes the entire family is involved since energetic cords, contamination, and conflict are present among them and clearing one person will not be enough unless everyone is spiritually cleaned as well.


      Occasionally a past life will have an unnatural death that affects the client's current life requiring the past life to be brought forward, emotions released,  energy colors infused, and the healing to be brought forward into the client's current life. 


    Most of my client work is through distance healing allowing greater flexibility in my schedule to  provide healing to more clients and permitting the clients to relax in their homes during the healing sessions.


    Generally the client will need at least three sessions to spiritually clear the energetic debris from their energy meridians, collected over a lifetime or in some cases over many lifetimes.


  Send an email for a free consultation and start taking back your life!


paranormal, haunted, ghosts, fear, demon, anxiety,, guides, angels, cords, clearing, demons, clean, possessed,
paranormal, haunted, ghosts, fear, demon, anxiety,, guides, angels, cords, clearing, demons, clean, possessed,


 Emotions are electromagnetic and can create blockages affecting the energy centers, the organs, and the aura. In time these blockages affect relationships and can make you physically ill.  Spiritually cleansing them is the first step to healing the body and mind.


For more information go  to:

Tricity Reconnective Healing @pfernst4

Skype Philip.ernst4




 The ego is an old energy system that is outdated in a higher consciousness world and can be gradually diminished for a greater sense of peace, compassion, integrityfor yourself and others. Your guidance can assist me in releasing the self-centered ego.

 The kundalini is a spiral of compassionate energy residing in the 2nd chakra. The angels assist me in raising your kundalini a chakra at a time until it reaches the crown; flushing out negativity, entangled emotions, and old energy to find greater peace, intuition, and higher vibration of the aura.

The subconscious is an old energy system that can be cleansed allowing a higher, compassionate energy to flourish and blossom in the person. Your spiritual guidance can work with me to create this transition.


 Sometimes a spirit will attach to familiar objects like furniture or a house. A person may feel ill around these spirit filled objects or houses. The spirit can be released, healed, and sent to a better place where it can be in peace.


 The Akashic Records are a fascinating personal record of past, present, and even future information to find, heal, and promote higher vibrational experiences. The Akashic Record is a tool in the Spiritual Intuition check-up, Aura, and Energetic Review workups.

The aura is the barometer of health of the body. The colors, speed, clarity, blockages, connections, and size are all assessed for spiritual clearing. A healthy aura feels more peaceful after healing.

   Periodic aura tune-ups are an easy way to start feeling better.


When a body dies, the spirit lifts off but may  attach to a living person. This is an energetic drain on the person.  The spirit needs healing and then the light beings can take it to the Light. This is easily assessed and completed.


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